Astrology is a dialogue between our souls and the heavens but like divination reflect back to our souls, so does the sky.

Katie believes that consulting the stars can be a great guide for aligning your soul with it’s true calling. Everyone has a soul a purpose but sometimes we get stuck or lack inspiration in moving forward. We live in a natural world yet there are so many distractions tearing us apart from our magical essence. Through the ancient practise of astrology the cosmos can guide us as we evolve on our journeys, transcend our shadow and come home to our soul. Whether it’s developing your connection with the lunar cycles, you want to infuse your business and career with magic to manifest it’s all potential or you want to consult the stars about your current situation or a life event, we can make magic together.

As we do our work individually we do it for the collective.

All sessions are recorded and held by video call via Zoom.