Everyday Magic

A lot of what we do every day is magic, even if it’s in the subconscious decisions we make to the ones we make purposefully. Adding a daily dose of magic to our day is easier than you might think so read on for my tips and tricks to make magic every day.


How can you add magic to your body?

Being conscious of the products we use on our bodies or to wear throughout the day can weave a little magic into our day. How? Through the colour, we wear we can dress in a way that brings us magic. Want to feel protected? Wear black! Feeling passionate? Got an appointment you feel nervous about? Accessorise with a blue bag! Get the idea? Awesome! This ethos expands to our skincare regime too. 

By using products on our skint hat are as natural as possible we can benefit from plant magic. I make my own moisturiser and add essential oils that I can boost my mood, for example, I love to use frankincense to lift me from any negative thought patterns and distress after a long day. Burning essential oils and herbs allow their magical properties to radiate through your home. Another easy way to add magic to your day is by choosing a daily crystal or carrying one that you are continually working with through the day. You can carry them in your pocket or even stuff them in your bra! 

Having regular salt baths is a great way to cleanse your aura and energy field as well as our bodies. Infusing the bath water with flowers, herbs or essential oils can bring the magical properties to help our soul heal and invigorate our mood depending on what you choose to add to your bath. You can also add some crystals, but check if they are ok to be used in water as some crystals don’t like it! 

Moving your body in some way be it yoga, dance, running – whatever feels good for you, is magical. it gets the blood pumping and it makes you feel good! You probably already know that exercise is good for your mind and body but it’s great for shaking up our energy field as well. We are spiritual beings and when we stay still for too long our energetic self can get stagnant so shaking it up every now and then will give you a boost!

Kitchen’s aren’t just for making food, you can make magic there too!

Another more obvious ways to create magic each day is through our food. While cooking you can give it good intentions, perhaps if you are cooking for others your intention could be that the meal brings everyone who eats it good health and nourishment. Blessing your water before you drink it, giving thanks to the water can not only bring magic to your day but it’s been proven that our thoughts affect our water so you will, in turn, upgrade your glass of water in a heartbeat! 

Adding herbs and spices to a meal can call in the properties of them to your meal. It can also be as easy as making a drink. It’s common to have mulled wine or mulled cider around the time of Yule and in the recipes, you’ll find the use of cinnamon which brings prosperity. Sharing a spiced beverage with your friends can be a way of wishing them an abundant year to come!

Did you know that brooms were used for banishing negativity from homes by sweeping out negativity and dirt from homes in the medieval times? That still applies now so if your feeling like your space needs a refresh, get sweeping that energy out the front door! Another great way to cleanse your home is the smudge with sage or mugwort. Burning these herbs whilst walking through your home to get rid of any negativity that lingers from conversations or situations that have taken place in your space. Make sure to open all your windows to allow the smoke to carry that shit out of your space and to fill the space with happy music, chanting or general positive vibes!

Magic comes from within!

Pulling a tarot card each day and journaling about what it reflects is a great way to learn Tarot as well as receive wisdom from your soul. Writing each day can help bring us back to the present moment, the place where magic dwells. Good things to note down our dreams and insights that come to us in the fleeting moment, you never know how significant the symbolism can be until a later day. Connecting with the moment through divination gets us thinking about how we can approach situations with a soul-centred perspective and allows us to grow through whatever comes our way. 

I don’t need to tell you how beneficial meditation is to us, but in witchcraft, it is essential to be able to calm the mind and connect with our inner world. Like with divination, when you ask a question your inner knowing will respond and you can even go on journeys to retrieve information that you seek from your soul. You don’t always have to go on a journey or even ask your soul for advice, you can meditate just to observe the present moment and connect with yourself to add some peace to your day.

Ways you can tap into the magic of the earth every day?

Probably the most obvious way to add magic to your day is to simply observe the natural world. On your walk to work notice the trees throughout the seasons and check in with how the world feels. Does it feel active or receptive, energetic or peaceful? Let your intuition guide you. Perhaps you can smell the change of season in the air or the energy feels like everyone on the roads is in a rage! Tap into the collective energy of humanity. 

It is likely there an influence that goes beyond our existence, perhaps it’s the weather or maybe it’s astrologically? If you feel it, research it because chances are your intuition is spot on! If you have time to take a walk go and feel the plant or sit under and tree and soak it all in. Be in the moment and share it with the earth that allows us to walk it every day. If you can’t get out add some plants to your home so you can bring the earth into your space. Talking and connecting with your indoor plants has just the same effect as talking to those outside! Being grateful for being a part of this wonderful universe is magic, you are magic!

These are just a few tips to practise everyday magic but there are lots more! See if you can make a list of ways that you already add magic to your life every day? What can you do to add more magic to your daily routine? What are you called to try from the suggestions mentioned?  I’d love to hear what you find adds magic to your day!