Full Moon in Scorpio

On Saturday 18th May at 9.11pm (GMT) we have a super transformative Full Moon in Scorpio! Yes it’s going to be intense but no it won’t be anything you can’t handle and will totally be worth the ride! This is a blue moon in the traditional sense, where the name given to an additional full moon in a season. Nowadays, in modern times we apply the term blue moon the the second moon in a calendar month but before our months we lived on the lunar cycles and the seasons.


When we have the Scorpio influencing the Full Moon energy we are called to look at our deepest desires and how we can bring them into being. Scorpio is symbolised by the Scorpion, Eagle and Serpent. The Scorpion because the constellation is likened the that of a scorpion but also in temperament Scorpio’s are very protective of their inside world. It is often noted that you can never truly know what is going on in a Scorpio’s world. They give off a mysterious allure because of it. In actuality Scorpios are incredibly soft underneath the hard exterior they show to the world and while many live in fear of a Scorpios wrath, it is the Scorpio themselves that end up the most wounded when they unleash their sting. Being symbolised by the Eagle is a metaphorical explanation for their far sighted and pin-pointed focus. Whatever a Scorpio sets as a goal, with sheer determination they will get there. Lastly the Serpent symbology applies the the Scorpio energy of shedding skin and transformation. There is no light-heartedness when it comes to the Scorpio energy and this is with bearing in mind over this coming full moon.

Questions for the Scorpio Full Moon

  • What are you most proud of manifesting in your life?

  • How can you trust the flow of life more?

  • What calls you to be released so you can feel more secure in your life?

  • What negative traits within yourself would you like to transcend?

  • How are you struggling to fulfil your deepest desires?


Most of us apply the all or nothing attitude in or lives that is associated with the Scorpio traits and will likely be illuminated at this Full Moon but what mother moon asks of us is to question how we can stand in conviction of the all and the nothing, in the two aspects together as one. How are you urged to bring you deepest desires to manifestation whiles simultaneously feeling whatever is standing in your way be it a belief, person or situation. Between the two conflicted ways of being lies belief in yourself; you can do anything.

This is the perfect time for casting spells for self-worth, abundance and releasing traits or behaviours that no longer serve you!

Scorpio Correspondances 

  • Planet: Mars + Pluto

  • Crystal: Topaz

  • Herbs: Wormwood, Rosemary, Thistle

  • Colousr: Dark Red, Violet, Black

  • Tarot Card: Death

  • Tree: Holly

  • Number: 9

Everything in your life now no matter how big or small is in your life because you have created it to be so. You are amazing. Celebrate your achievements and now that if you can manifest what you already have, whatever you strive for in the future can be achieved also. You are living proof that you can bring about change in your life, you are proof that you can trasnform into the beautiful soul you are today. You are worthy of greatness! The Scorpio full moon offers the chance to release any need you may have to control as to surrender to the flow of life so that you can be secure in yourself to feel relaxed about how things will turn out. 

♡ Moon Blessings Witches ♡