What is an urban witch?

Some of us know it, others are in the process of remembering it, many wouldn’t identify as it. Conscious or not, awake or sleeping; the witches are rising.

It can be very easy to get caught up in what I call the ‘faff’ of what being a witch entails. I’ll be the first to admit, when I first started looking at books about witchcraft I couldn’t understand why I needed a pinch of this, or a particular colour candle for that, just to carry out a spell. It didn’t sit with me that I needed x y and z to perform magic.

So I started simple. I started talking to the moon. I observed its cycles and became familiar with the feminine energy it brings. I started to refer to her as Mother Moon. I spoke to her of my hopes and my dreams and I asked her to make them come true. When they did, I would speak of my gratitude.

I found the moon in suburbia.

Who says that magic can’t be found in the strangest of places? I certainly didn’t think I would find it in my childhood home in a housing estate where everything looks the same and the energy feels dead. Except it wasn’t. The magic of the moon was present. It is present wherever you are in the world. Even in the seemingly least magical places. I later found out that a 400-year-old oak tree was cut down to build the housing development I lived on which confirmed the “deadness” I feel about the place. The faeries were pissed, and frankly so was I but that’s another story for another day.


I am an Urban Witch.

What does that mean? It means that I practise my craft in the urban environment. From living in suburbia I moved to the city where I lived for ten years. In that time I have buried my intentions during the winter months in the earth between footpaths and train tracks. During the warmer months, i have found a way to release what no longer serves me in a concrete garden in the middle of the city using just a candle. I have spoken my wishes loud and proud with my sisters while in a shared house with 7 other people. I have danced under the moon in on the pavement of body roads and I cast circles in the smallest of flats while leaving water in a jar on the window sill soaking up the full moon energies. In essence, magic can be practised anywhere, at any time.

Don’t get me wrong nature is a blessing, and as much as I’ve worked in the city I’ve worked in nature. Some of the most profound ceremonies and healings I have experienced have been in rural parts of England, on rugged coastlines under the magical moon and colourful skies. I will never forget those moments but I never stop seeking ways to find nature whilst living in the physical realm of the city where I live.

So are the witches. We are making magic everywhere and anywhere. If you live in a built-up city, don’t think you are the only one because you most certainly aren’t. Alone we make magic. Collectively we are rising.

Practise your craft.

Be Authentic.

Give thanks to the goddess.