What is a witch?

Being a witch can mean many things and one thing to different people.  I’ve put together what I think being a witch entails, to hopefully clear up any misunderstandings for those who are sitting on the fence between shying away from the term Witch and those who need a little push to stand in their own Witchy self.


Its easy to get caught up in the rules and regulations, the initiations and the pre-requisites of what makes you a witch, especially when we live in a patriarchal society where the masculine energy overthrows the feminine. Where logic, textbooks, laws and protocol take precedence its hard to let go, to go with the flow. For me, being a witch is about living and breathing in the feminine flow. Of course, men can do this too. Being a Witch doesn’t mean you have to be a woman. As much as we are led to believe patriarchy doesn’t serve men either. We’ve all been raised in a patriarchal society, it’s ingrained in our psyche to rely on books of the word of truth, to be able to tick boxes to put our selves into a box, into a genre. So I want to be clear, although this article is what I believe being a witch entails, if your a witch and none of these apply, that’s fine too. Being a witch open to interpretation, but for me, there are three main principles of being a Witch.

Communion with the Divine

We are magic makers, powerful manifestor’s, creators of life and our destinies. Most of us really don’t know how powerful we are but as a witch, you have a deep knowing inside you that you are capable of great things. Being conscious that the divine lives in both us and everything around us, is powerful. Be it a particular God or Goddess you are drawn to, or the fae folk or other spirit beings that call to you. Feeling the presence of something that is divine other than yourself, that you can commune with, can work with, that helps you understand the ethereal realm. I often talk to the moon because I feel that the moon understands my pace, my desire to create something and bring it to the physical every month. I have worked with different deities and spirit beings in the past and some have stuck with me and others have not. I’m sure as I go through life more will come across my path to teach me what I need at the moment or for a time or perhaps some will stay with me a lifetime. It’s an incredibly personal thing but simply knowing and being aware of the divine, even at its basic level of ‘Spirit’, ‘Universe’ or whatever you choose to name it, makes you a witch. You work with the divine as a co-creator, yet you acknowledge the divine in yourself.

Being in tune with the cycles

Be it the moon, the sun, the seasons, the menstruation cycles, for the women there is the maiden-mother-enchantress-crone cycle or for men the child-warrior-king-sage cycle. Whatever the cycle is, being in tune with them makes you a witch. Witnessing them, noticing them come and allowing them. It can be as lighthearted as watching the seasons changing from warm sunshine to the falling of the leaves and feeling that energy as we move into Autumn. It can be as deep as feeling the shapeshifting effect as a women’s bleed stops, she is initiated into the next step of her life as a Crone and all the changes on a physical, mental and spiritual level. We can use the cycles of the moon by harnessing its magic to bring what we desire into our lives, this also applies to the seasons. Typically the winter is where ideas start to come about, we work underground while the trees are dead to get ready to bring new life, to sew the seeds of our intentions, our wishes, in the Spring. In Springtime we can begin to feel these intentions begin to step into motion reaching full speed in Summer where our actions bring fruition to our goals we bring into the physical realm what we dream of. As Summer ends we take a look back to reflect on our work, what we’ve achieved, what we’ve learned and prepare for the Harvest in Autumn. We reap what we sew. We have achieved what we set out to do. We put in the hard work all year, we worked with the arts cycles and now we prepare for the celebration, rest and rejuvenation before starting the wheel of the year all over again with new hopes and dreams and a wiser heart.

Be kind, but don’t take any shit

There are many who associate witches with evil, with dark magic, with Satan. While this may be true for some witches, this isn’t true for all witches. Kindness and compassion for all living things make a witch. Respect for others, in both the physical and spiritual realm, is a necessity. When you are dealing with your soul, your healing, there is nowhere for you to hide. Your shadow side will be present and it will be known. Being a witch is being your authentic self, however, you are can depend on the day. You can be happy or sad, but as long as you don’t dim your shine for anyone or allow your soul to feel the sadness it needs to transcend whatever is causing you pain, you will be living in your power, you will be living as a witch. When you live as your true, wholesome self, you will find people won’t like that because it brings up something in them that they might not like nor want to face in themselves. They will start to hate you, cause you grief and make you question yourself. Don’t let them. That doesn’t mean you go home and create spells against them, it also doesn’t mean you wish them harm, it simply means you take an action whether it’s walking away or putting them in their place. Put your boundaries in place. Don’t take any shit.