The Magical Week

In the past couple of months, I’ve been getting in tune with a shorter cycle that we can all relate to, the week. I’ve been looking into the origins of each day and it’s correlating energy to work with the days and use the energy for my highest good. So I’ve decided to share my findings with you so you can do the same because sharing is caring, right? – and perhaps you have the same questions like I do like why does each day have a particular flavour of energy, where did the names of the days come from and does it coincide with the energy of each day?

Connecting the origins of language with the skies.

I’ve been tuning into the days of the week and the energy each day holds. When I was younger I was always felt that Thursdays were good days because I was thinking about what I would do on the weekend with the enthusiasm of my inner maiden and the opportunities that would come whether expected or unexpected. The weekend symbolised time off of school or work and the freedom of those days felt free from routine and spontaneous. Then Tuesdays felt good for me, I was born on a Tuesday, and also I find that I’m my most motivated and energised on this day.


I then stumbled across the days and the planets associated with them. It opened up a can of worms for me and I’ve been obsessed ever since! Looking at the origins of the weekday names just blew my mind! With the 7 planets – seen with the naked eye and only planets known by ancient civilizations – and the 7 days, it should have been more obvious to me, but i am a slow learner! Although English days of the week derive from Anglo-Saxon and Norse language, with the knowledge of European languages I grasped the origins of the Roman names and there links with each planet.


This is by far the most obvious, it’s in the name. Sunday comes from the Sun – or ‘Sol’ in Roman – and represents the self. Sunday is a day of healing, nurturing and reconnecting with who you are, ready to start a new week. Self-care is high on the agenda as well as good food, reflection on who you are and where you wish to take yourself. Sunday is about doing something fun, connecting with those you hold dear and living in the present moment. Keep an eye on the future but don’t forget to be in the here and now. Meditation and activity are favoured on this day, as well as anything else that is good for the self like a ritual bath. This is the best day to be Sunday so let your creative juices flow!


Ever get that sluggish feeling on a Monday? Or when you are so happy on a Monday that it set’s the tone for the rest of the week? Monday derives from Luna in Roman, in other words, it’s ‘moon day’. The moon symbolises the emotional nature of our being. What we need to feel emotionally secure and how we react to situations on an emotional level. This isn’t the day for action, this is a day for contemplation and reflection to make space to process our emotions. Monday is a time we can reconnect with our inner child, what does our inner-child need right now? Nourishing food and gentle activity perhaps? Raising your vibration starts with checking in with your emotions so you can go forward rooted in your sense of self, warts and all.


If you need a day to spark that burst of activity, this would be it. Tuesday is linked to the planet, Mars, which is the planet of energy and action. The French word for Tuesday is ‘Mardi’ which is derived from Mars in Roman. Tuesday asks us what action can we take towards our goals and intentions and is a favoured day for starting anything new. Just remember to do one task at a time, keep focus and try to avoid any compulsive action or decisions. On Tuesday’s our compulsive desires can be illuminated as we are aware of bad habits like spending too much time on social media, eating when not hungry or making unconscious purchase that dents the bank accounts leaving too little left to live off of.


The perfect day to tackle the e-mails and make communication high on your agenda! Wednesday, known as Woden in Anglo-Saxon and Norse language, is ruled by Mercury (note, in French Wednesday, is ‘Mercredi’). Mercury governs communication and the thought process. The perfect day to focus on the details of your life, make new connections and utilise your brain power to think up new ideas or solutions! They say it’s not what you know, it’s who you know and Wednesday is the perfect time to get out there and meet like-minded souls that will spend endless hours putting the world to rights and leave each other feeling inspired in their pursuits.


This day is associated with the god, Thor in Norse mythology. Thor’s day derives from Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, expansion, and abundance which can only mean this day is a good day to prosper! If your unsure of your own abundance just take a look around you and note what you manifested into your reality. Thursdays are also great days to give your next venture some thought; what goals can you create that will help your quest for expansion? Be thankful for what you have created, for you are a powerful magic maker! knowing and believing in yourself and all you have gratitude for will only raise your vibration higher and invite more of the good you already have in your life!


Known as Freya’s day in Anglo-Saxon, Friday, is ruled by Venus the planet of pleasure and harmony. Hands up if you slack at work on a Friday? This is the day to bask in that Friday feeling! It is a day to take notice of how beautiful the world looks today! Friday’s are also nurturing your relationships making this a great day for catching up with a friend or have a date with your partner or potential lover. Thinking about how you can create more harmony in your life is the theme of today. What do you want more of to feel at peace with yourself and your environment? The focus right now is about being, not so much about taking action. Allow yourself to flow through the present moment on Friday.


In ancient times Saturday was called ‘Saturn’ in both Roman, Anglo-Saxon and Norse language so no wonder this day is ruled by Saturn, the planet that rules structure and planning. This may feel a little restrictive for the weekend but Saturn is the teacher that shows us through the lessons we learn we will gain rewards for our efforts, it is the touch love teacher. Saturday is perfect for getting chores done and running errands as it’s the day for organising your life, the ideal life admin day! Also, a good day to work and get things done to get your hands stuck in on a project, task or anything that involves you being hands-on in some way.

Harnessing to the power of the week can help to gain an understanding of our own energy throughout the week and utilize it to carry out weekly tasks that work with the energy of the weekday. Just like we harness the wheel or the year and the lunar cycle to flow with the natural cycles of life, something we take for granted like the week can help us glide through the week like the gods and goddesses we are!