The Sabbats: Mabon

Mabon, usually celebrated falls between 20th and 23rd September marks the Autumn Equinox. It’s a time when the earth is in balance and its time to rest from the labour of harvest. All that has been sewn is now reaped and it’s time to honour the land, the sky and the stars. To be in gratitude of all we have received and give our thanks to the Gods and Goddesses for all we have received.


Mabon is the second harvest, and at this sacred time, the earth is in balance. In equal light and equal dark, as Mabon marks the Autumn Equinox. Mabon is a celebration of the labour of harvest. All that has been sewn earlier in the year has come to be, and now is a time to reap what has been sewn. To feel the rewards of our efforts.

Within the goddess cycle of the Earth, now is when the mother archetype starts to transition into the crone. From the nurturing and giving energy of the mother, we can look to a time of reflection, gaining wisdom from the lessons we’ve learned from and the knowledge we’ve acquired on our journey on planet earth. It’s a great time to look back at what was hoped for, intentions and wishes made at Ostara earlier in the year. Take time to reflect on how they have manifested. Make time to relax, to bask in the glory of what you’ve achieved.

Ways to celebrate Mabon

  • Turn your focus inward and take a restorative yoga class.

  • Pick, eat and drink apples.

  • Walk in nature and give thanks to the plants and trees.

  • Declutter your space. Sell or give away items you no longer need.

  • Smudge and clean your home ready for spending time indoors.

  • Drink cider with friends and share you blessings.

  • Decorate your altar with red, gold, orange and autumnal finds.


The leaves show us how to let go gracefully. As the nights draw longer and the days get shorter we can take a moment to honour the darkness that is impending in our world. Our priorities will start to shift to our homes and families as we prepare for the colder months to come. Not only do the seasons change, but so do our lives and so have we.

Mabon marks the start of an introspective reflection period which presents the opportunity to delve into all that has come to be so far in the year. Shedding skin in the way of getting rid of clutter in your home as well as old beliefs, situations and ideas. As the nights grow longer we take the journey inward after being in the outward energy charged by the sun since its return in Spring.

With great action, comes the need for great rest. Taking time out to rest, recalibrate and reset after all the work that you have put into making magic happen this year. Spend time to smell the crisp leaves and play with conkers and enjoy this colourful time when nature shows how letting go, turning inward and even death can be filled with beauty and grace.