The Sabbats: Litha

Litha, also known as midsummer and the Summer Solstice, is one of the eight Sabbats that make up the Wheel of the Year. It is usually celebrated between the 20th and 23rd of June. When the Sun enters the zodiac sign of Cancer, the sun reaches it’s farthest point north which gives us in the Northern Hemisphere the longest day and the shortest night of the sun’s annual journey through our skies. It is a celebration of growth and the return of the darkness.

The sun reaches it’s highest point in the sky


As with Yule, Litha signifies a turning point in the year while the solar energy. The half of the year that symbolises growth has reached its energetic climax and we now start the other half of the year of harvesting what we have sewn the seed of and nurtured to grow. The peak of expansion and extroverted selves is prevalent right now as we are at the height of solar energy buzzing around and in us. Litha is a celebration of the light and honouring what has manifested, abundance is a key theme of the Litha energy.

Litha, more commonly known as the Summer Solstice. The building energies of fertility and growth have reached its peak now. It’s a time to celebrate your achievements, all that you are manifesting and who you are as a person. At this time we are more expressive and our souls radiate expansion. Litha brings a sense of abundance with it, and with it comes an urge to celebrate. The Summer Solstice is celebrated by staying up all night and watching the sunrise; honouring the sun for shining down on us and giving us nurturing light that has helped us grow.

How can you celebrate Litha?

  • Wake up really early to watch the sunrise

  • Gather with friends and bask in the sunshine

  • Gather wildflowers and adorn yourself and your home with them

  • Spend time celebrating all that you are, have become and what you have achieved so far in your journey

  • Set intentions with the themes around change and transformation

  • Spend time outdoors be it in the park, in the woods or at the beach. 

  • Light a fire outdoors, write on a piece of paper what you wish to let go off and send it in the fire for release in the ether

  • Swim in the ocean, lakes or under waterfalls

  • Give offerings to faerie and nature spirits

  • Attend a local ceremony at dawn 

  • Spells or rituals surrounding themes of abundance, release, creativity and manifestation.

Litha is an energetic and abundant time of celebration.


Now we return to the darkness.

Now we can honour all that has manifest and begin the journey to the darker months of the year. It is said that at Litha the holly king defeats the oak king in the battle for the return of the darkness and turning our focus more inward. The summer solstice also brings an opportunity for releasing and letting go of anything that no longer serves you.

Bask in the Sun’s vibrations.

Go embrace that Sun witches, lap it up in the great outdoors and shine your smile at everyone you meet. Positivity is everywhere as everyone is on a high. It’s time to celebrate all the magic we’ve made, the love we’ve shared, the growth in our souls and the gifts we have given to ourselves and others. This is a magical time where we can stand in the present moment and bask in the greatness of the Gods and the Goddesses, the Earth and all living beings. Bask in the sunshine beautiful souls!