A brief guide to your birth chart

Often when I bring up the subject of astrology and the zodiac signs I am told that astrology is a generalisation of a massive group of people who happen to be born in the same month. I get it, it seems illogical that astrology can make sense when you look at it with a glance, so what if I told you that you are so much more than just your zodiac sign?


When you were born the planets aligned in the sky in zodiac signs which creates what is know as your Natal or Birth Chart. So, in essence, you could have a mixture of different signs in your chart as a pose to being just one sign which in essence builds a picture of personality traits and characteristics that are varied and complex. Of course, when talking about personalities there are other factors to consider for instance upbringing and how things you experience in life alter the way you approach life. Each planet represents a different aspect of your personality. When I’m looking at this I tend to visualise our solar system, where the Sun is in the middle and therefore our Sun sign or more commonly known as either your zodiac or star sign, represents the core personality traits of the sign it falls in for you.

The Planets and what they represent within the Natal Chart are divided into two sections, the inner planets and the outer planets. The inner planets consist of the Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus and Mercury. They represent aspects of your personality. The outer planets that have longer cycles around the sun affect the bigger cycles and trends our life, with Neptune, Uranus and Pluto orbiting the sun even longer which can spur a whole generation as a collective to implement shifts that are necessary for our societies to grow and evolve.

Sun – Commonly known as either your zodiac or star sign, the sun sign represents your core personality traits. Changes signs every month.

Moon – How you handle moods and emotions. Depending on what sign falls as your moon sign can indicate how you process thoughts and feelings. Changes signs every 2-3 days.

Mercury – How you communicate with others and how you think and process information in the mind. Changes signs every 3-4 weeks

Venus – Relationships, be it lovers or friendships, this planet gives insights into your dealings with others. Changes signs every 4-5 weeks.

Mars – How you act in the world, your drive and how you exert your energy to making an action towards your hopes and dreams. Changes signs every 6-7 weeks.

Jupiter – Representing how your deal with personal growth and acquire wisdom. Jupiter is also known as the planet of luck. wisdom. Changes every 12-13 months.

Saturn – Known for its tough love mentality and enforcing discipline and hard work to push through the boundaries of your fears. Changes every 2-3 years.

Uranus – How you and your generation create change in society and what originality you bring to you and your generation. Changes every 7 years.

Neptune – Signifying your dreams and healing this planet can indicate to you and your generation where you require healing as well as representing hopes and dreams. Changes every 10-12 years.

Pluto – Gives an idea of how you and your generation can use your power to transform yourself and your generation to create a new paradigm in society. Changes every 12-15 years.

Another important in your natal chart is your Ascendant also known as your Rising sign. This is the sign that holds traits that people perceive you to be. It gives you an insight as to how people view you at first impression.

This is just a basic guide as to how your birth chart can be used as an important tool for understanding yourself better as well as gaining insights into yours and your generation’s purpose. Astrology goes a lot deeper than this as there are houses and nodes to contend with which I will blog about in the future but in the meantime, I wanted to explain a bit more about how it works at a basic level because you are so much more than your star sign!

To find out what the signs are in each planet as well as your rising sign you need to know your birthday, the place you were born and if possible the time you were born.