The Sabbats: Lammas

Lammas, also known as Lughnasadh, named after Celtic Sun god ‘Lugh’ is the first harvest of the year, typically this is the harvest of the grain and fruits. Lammas is the first of three Sabbats that honour the harvest. Typically celebrated at the end of July to early August during the seasonal peak of high summer, which like Ostara, Beltane, Samhain as Sabbats where we are called to observe and become aware that a change in seasons is coming. 


The Peak of Summer.

The first of three harvest celebrations, traditionally Lammas would signify the harvesting of the grain which in modern day can mean that we see the first of our harvest that will last through the winter. At Lammas, the peak of Summer, we have exhausted all our energies in an outward and expansive manner. This is the time of the year where we celebrate the first signs of our intentions manifesting and look toward reaping rewards from the seed we planted earlier in the year.

Counting blessings.

We give ourselves the opportunity to give thanks for all we have received in the most expressive state of our nature during the yearly cycle. Practising gratitude is a theme of the harvest celebrations in the wheel of the year and as Lammas is the first of three, we are given the opportunity to count our blessings so far and put our focus into what we wish to harvest over the coming months. Lammas marks a period of time where we can gather with our loved ones to bask in the enjoyment of days filled with sunshine and summer evenings under the stars.

Ways to celebrate Lammas

  • Bake bread, biscuits or cakes or any foods made from wheat.

  • Pick wildflowers – pop them in a vase or press them to keep them as mementoes.

  • Spend time reflecting on this year so far.

  • Make a list of what you intend to harvest this year.

  • Gather with your tribe to dance and share your blessings with others.

  • Harvest fruit growing in your garden.

  • Read the Tarot and spend time journaling.

  • Make Corn dollies from grasses or grain stalks and wrap them with ribbon.

  • Create a gratitude list.

  • Cleanse your space to welcome the new.

  • Nourish yourself, in whatever form you choose. Good food, good company, a massage, a bath, crafting; whatever nourishes you as a whole.


Decorate your Lammas altar with corn dollies, flowers, wheat, candles, the sun tarot card and imagery that represents summer to you. Colours that represent Lammas are gold, orange, burgundy and brown; the colours of Autumn that is coming. Use crystals that are dark red or orange in colour e.g. citrine, tigers eye and carnelian.

Change is coming.

This time marks the peak of summer and the change of season that comes along with it. Likewise in our lives, we feel the change is coming. The energy is slowly transitioning towards a more introspective time as the solar energy of Litha begins to wane as the peak energetic point of outward expression has now passed. Lugh or Lug is the name given the King of Corn as well as the ‘Sun’ King that wanes as the sun begins it’s journey to the darker months to come.

Welcome new beginnings. 

As the energy begins to wane we start to take our journey within so we can refuel our energy reserves, reflect on what has come to be and deepen our knowledge of our being during the darkness that will come to be over the following months. Giving thanks for the growth of ourselves, our intentions and for the foods that will sustain us for the darker months will help us process the seasonal tides of our year as we start the journey into the darkness, where we will assess and understand on a deeper level what we have created, manifested and become.

The Sabbats: Litha

Litha, also known as midsummer and the Summer Solstice, is one of the eight Sabbats that make up the Wheel of the Year. It is usually celebrated between the 20th and 23rd of June. When the Sun enters the zodiac sign of Cancer, the sun reaches it’s farthest point north which gives us in the Northern Hemisphere the longest day and the shortest night of the sun’s annual journey through our skies. It is a celebration of growth and the return of the darkness.

The sun reaches it’s highest point in the sky


As with Yule, Litha signifies a turning point in the year while the solar energy. The half of the year that symbolises growth has reached its energetic climax and we now start the other half of the year of harvesting what we have sewn the seed of and nurtured to grow. The peak of expansion and extroverted selves is prevalent right now as we are at the height of solar energy buzzing around and in us. Litha is a celebration of the light and honouring what has manifested, abundance is a key theme of the Litha energy.

Litha, more commonly known as the Summer Solstice. The building energies of fertility and growth have reached its peak now. It’s a time to celebrate your achievements, all that you are manifesting and who you are as a person. At this time we are more expressive and our souls radiate expansion. Litha brings a sense of abundance with it, and with it comes an urge to celebrate. The Summer Solstice is celebrated by staying up all night and watching the sunrise; honouring the sun for shining down on us and giving us nurturing light that has helped us grow.

How can you celebrate Litha?

  • Wake up really early to watch the sunrise

  • Gather with friends and bask in the sunshine

  • Gather wildflowers and adorn yourself and your home with them

  • Spend time celebrating all that you are, have become and what you have achieved so far in your journey

  • Set intentions with the themes around change and transformation

  • Spend time outdoors be it in the park, in the woods or at the beach. 

  • Light a fire outdoors, write on a piece of paper what you wish to let go off and send it in the fire for release in the ether

  • Swim in the ocean, lakes or under waterfalls

  • Give offerings to faerie and nature spirits

  • Attend a local ceremony at dawn 

  • Spells or rituals surrounding themes of abundance, release, creativity and manifestation.

Litha is an energetic and abundant time of celebration.


Now we return to the darkness.

Now we can honour all that has manifest and begin the journey to the darker months of the year. It is said that at Litha the holly king defeats the oak king in the battle for the return of the darkness and turning our focus more inward. The summer solstice also brings an opportunity for releasing and letting go of anything that no longer serves you.

Bask in the Sun’s vibrations.

Go embrace that Sun witches, lap it up in the great outdoors and shine your smile at everyone you meet. Positivity is everywhere as everyone is on a high. It’s time to celebrate all the magic we’ve made, the love we’ve shared, the growth in our souls and the gifts we have given to ourselves and others. This is a magical time where we can stand in the present moment and bask in the greatness of the Gods and the Goddesses, the Earth and all living beings. Bask in the sunshine beautiful souls!

Books to soothe your witchy soul

I often get asked if I can recommend any books to read for someone starting out on their journey or even someone already on the path of being a witch. I think no matter where we are in our journey our thirst for knowledge is real. While I don’t believe in following any part of witchcraft to the book, I do think that it can be helpful to be given guidance on your path, or even just reading a magical story that inspires you and enforces your belief in magic in the word because it’s all around us!

So here is my list of recommended books in no particular order: 

witch book

Faery Tale

by Signe Pike

A book that is full of memoirs of Signe Pike’s travels in search of fae folk. Reading this felt like I was travelling with her and I hope to tick off some of these places in my own adventure. It’s a compelling and informative read that explains that fae folk aren’t just the fairies we see in films and books. Signe goes into the history of different spirits as well as the places she visits. This book stole my heart!

The Alchemist

by Paulo Coelho

I know this isn’t strictly witchcraft but this had to sneak into my list. The reason being is that this is a fable that whatever you dream to do in life, the universe will conspire to make it happen. When I read this book something clicked in me and in the months after I decided to start my own business. This is a life-changing book that takes you on a journey while filling you with pockets of wisdom.


by Paulo Coelho


Also by the author of the Alchemist (i’ve read all of his books except maybe one or two) is the story of Brida, who seeks to learn magic from established witches. The book follows Brida’s quest for knowledge and magic in her homeland of Ireland and all the experiences in a journey of magic, passion and mystery. It is a tale of a young woman struggling with both relationships and her desire to be a witch, something I feel we can all relate to.

Witch: Unleased, Untamed, Unapologetic.

by Lisa Lister


This is a great book that tells you how it is and what it means to be a witch. I feel like I already knew a lot of the things Lisa discusses in her book but I highly recommend to anyone who is starting out in witchcraft and wants to know the crux of witchcraft as well as some simple rituals to follow. My favourite quote from her book is “I didn’t become a witch, I remembered I was one” which for me, sums up my experience of initiation to witchcraft. I love how honest and well written this book is, you will be hooked!

Craft: How to be a modern Witch

by Gabriela Herstik

Craft covers all the basics from the Sabbats to Tarot, creating an Alter to Astrology. If you’re looking for something to get you started I would recommend this as it’s almost a pocket-size grimoire – If you don’t know a Grimoire is a witches book that has all the information a witch has collected in her practice like things to do at Sabbats, spells and rituals. I like how this book is very much about being a modern witch and includes the magic of everything that we have available to us in the modern world.

Crystals: The modern guide to Crystal Healing

by Yulia Van Doren

In a similar way to Craft, I really love how this book is geared up to modern practices of witchcraft. I particularly love how with each crystal in the book it gives keywords for how to use them as well as explaining the individual magical properties of each crystal. It also delves into how to look after your crystals, how they work and how you can integrate them in your life. This is a great reference book as well as really well curated so would equally look great on your coffee table (I am an urban witch after all!).

Moonology: Working with the Magic of Lunar Cycles

by Yasmin Boland 

If you are exploring the lunar cycles this is THE book to be reading! It goes into detail on what each moon can mean for you personally for both the new and full moon energies as well as breaks down how and why the moon has an impact on our lives. As a self-proclaimed moon howler and astrology geek i loved this book because it goes into real detail on what each moon has in store for me and my sun or rising sign which I find really helpful to gain an understanding of my individual relationship with the moons energies because we are all have different experiences of the moon.

witch book

If Women Rose Rooted: The Power of Celtic Woman

by Sharon Blackie

I absolutely loved this book. It’s full of Celtic myths and legends whilst following the story of Sharons quest for connection with the Earth. This is a great read full of stories not just from Sharon but from other women and their stories with the Earth.

If you have any books you recommend, I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Reading Witches!

Survival guide for Mercury Retrograde

 During the year Mercury, the planet of communication, technology and travel, appears to stop in its orbit and gives the illusion of the planet moving backwards in its orbit around the sun. Of course, it’s not actually going backwards, but as Mercury passes Earth during this time it can look like it is. This is called a retrograde.


Mercury goes retrograde for three weeks in total and whilst in the retrograde phase the areas that Mercury rules – communication, technology and travel – go a little crazy for us here on planet Earth! As if that wasn’t fun enough, we are also given what is known as a ‘shadow period’ where the effects of Mercury in retrograde are felt – even weeks – before and after the retrograde period. I’ve put together some tips to help you survive, what I and one of my fellow astrology geek’s have renamed, the “Mercury Terrorgrade”. That said if you are aware of the effect and allow them to happen, there is nothing to be scared of! You can even use this time to your advantage.

  • Allow extra time when travelling – Be prepared for delays as Mercury rules travel we can expect disruptions and delays. Check over itinerary before taking a trip and make sure you make it earlier to allow for changes to travel plans. I once got on the wrong train because I wasn’t paying enough attention (ironically I was on my phone because I had arrived with plenty of time to spare!) and added another hour to my trip when I was travelling to see a friend during this phase. Don’t let it happen to you, be extra vigilant!

  • Think twice – Before sending an e-mail, double-check all details, before you speak! Mercury also rules communication so all types like email, postal, verbal etc, are going to run haywire while in the retrograde phase. If in doubt don’t press send, open your mouth or leave the house. Only joking! Life has to go on, but seriously be aware to check details otherwise you might send that email telling your co-worker about how your dislike you boss to your boss!

Photo by Chris Lawton

  • Try not to make investments – This isn’t the time for big purchases, nor investing a large sum of money. Of course, you can do so, but be cautious that things aren’t always what they seem to be. You might think you have a great deal but in the long run, the item or investment make give you more hassle than it’s worth. When I bought my expensive laptop from an electronics retailer that had a cashback deal I couldn’t refuse, the only thing was that the purchase had to be made during the retrograde period. I went ahead with the purchase and got the cash back, however, a few months later I had to go to the manufacturers to get the motherboard replaced.

  • Avoid signing contracts – Perhaps you’re in the process of buying a house, or starting a new job? If you can, try an avoid it until Mercury has gone direct. I understand it may seem frustrating when you want to start a new job or move into your new house but when the universe has delayed this from happening, it’s a usually a good sign. Allow delays to take their course so you can sign contracts when Mercury says to. Starting a new job at this time isn’t advisable because once Mercury goes direct you may find that what was offered when you started turns out to be far from the truth. Again, if you sign contracts and move house during this time, you may find that the house you move into has all sorts of problems you weren’t aware of until your all moved in and Mercury has moved forward.

  • Don’t start anything new – It’s just not a good idea, this time is all about looking to the past, taking the time to process lessons and gain clarity before moving on when this time has passed. If you are wanting to launch a business or start a project, wait. Use this time to go through re-evaluate everything surrounding your project and business, so that when the planet moves forward, you can too with clarity and focus. I tend to notice my business slows down during retrograde and I have come to welcome this low ebb of energy so I can use my time to take care of other aspects of running my business like doing my accounts (boring!), re-organising my workspace and carrying out stocktakes. The tasks that I don’t manage to keep on top of when I’m busy with clients. This is also a great time to reflect on processes and tweaking working practices.

  • Be patient with technology – At times you will feel like you want to hurl your phone off a bridge or kick the TV until it works. During retrograde you electronics are going to have a mind of their own! I advise you to backup your phone, tablet, laptop and computers before Mercury goes retrograde. I stupidly reformatted my laptop during a Mercury Retrograde, being very careful to back up all my data. I checked everything, or so I thought. When it came to putting my files back on my laptop it appeared I had forgotten to backup my music files so I lost my entire music collection!

  • Your relationships are up for re-evaluation – As mentioned previously, Mercury rules communication and that means that your relationships won’t get off lightly either! You may bump into an old friend at the strangest moment, or an old lover will contact you out of the blue. It’s advised to think before you speak and I can’t stress that enough in relationships because arguments and misunderstandings can be more common during retrograde. Break-ups that happen tend to be short-lived so if you really want to break up with your other half, wait until Mercury has gone direct – though you may find by then you don’t want to break up after all! I find it’s a great time to reflect on what you want more of and want you would like less of in terms of your relationships.

  • Take time out – This by far is the most important of this list to get you through this period. Lots of people get scared by Mercury retrograde, but really it’s an excellent opportunity for us to review where we direct our energy and consider if we are doing so in a direction that honours our highest good. We are being called to slow down. Allow frustrations to flow through you – it’s ok to experience setbacks and delays because there is a greater plan at work. Take time out to read a book, take a bath, to be still in whatever way you can. When we are still, we can listen to our inner wisdom and gain insights at this time that will help us push forward when Mercury goes direct. Sleep a little extra and allow yourself to recharge.

In modern society we are so ‘busy’ we never switch off and simply be. When Mercury is in Retrograde we are being called to put down our smartphones, shut down the laptops and re-evaluate our lives. Are we using our technology a little too much in our lives (I put my hands up to this one!)? What do we appreciate and want more of in our relationships? Are we being impatient and want to progress whilst missing key details in the process? Can we surrender the control to the powers that be and learn from it? These are all things to consider over a nice cup of tea and a biscuit! Enjoy the change of pace – and try not to curse too much! – as much as you can.


Making magick with the moon

How does the moon affect us?

With the moon affecting the water on Earth and humans were made up of around 80% water, not to mention the studies that have been carried out and named “The Lunar Effect”. It has been proven that the moon really does affect humans along with animals in many ways from human production to behavioural and physiology from a scientific perspective. While the lunar cycle correlates with the menstrual cycle, the moon possessesa powerful creative force not just for women.

In witchcraft the moon embodies the feminine be it the goddess, intuition, emotions, nurturing and keeper of the light during dark times. Through its journey in the sky, we can learn from its different phases and apply it’s cyclic nature to our lives to not only bridge the gap between the self and the environment but also to manifest your desires, release what no longer serves you and gain wisdom throughout the process. As witches, the moon is an inherent part of our practice, our craft because the moon, in essence, is a goddess who light the way and guides us through the mysteries of life. 

IMG_6305 (1).jpg

How I started to work with the Moon

I’ve always noticed the moon and I can remember as a child looking up at the sky in the summer and wonder how the sun and the moon could both share the same sky. To me, that was magical and mystical. The moon was this elusive wonder in the sky that you’d be lucky to see and that constantly changes. It made the connection it was a reminder that we were part of something bigger, part of the universe. When I was 9 my favourite ever thing to learn was the phases of the moon and I remember vividly we were all to draw a phase of the moon and then they were put up on the classroom wall. I remember feeling that it was so spectacular and from then on I’ve always loved the moon and it changing faces.

In my adult life, and the more conscious journey started around 11 years ago, I was 19 and I used to smoke. I would sneak out the front of my parent’s house once they had gone to bed I would spend time stood to outside the front of the house and I started looking up at the stars. I was in a point of my life where I was trying to make things happen but the energy of my home was negative and toxic so while I had the best intentions to “think positive”, I really struggled. That time at the end of the day where I would look up at the night’s sky became my solace, my peaceful quiet part of the day.

On the nights where I could see the moon, I would start talking to her. I would tell her what I needed and communicate with her on how it was going as the lunar phase progressed. As the lunar phase came to an end and my intentions manifested I would express my gratitude for her presence, her help in my life. Ever since this time in my life I have always followed the journey of the moon in the sky but my knowledge has developed stemming from my intuition to observing my menstrual cycle and the lunar phases, applying the four female archetypes to the phases, the astrological influences as the moon travels through the zodiac as well as acknowledging how I feel throughout them.

The phases of the moon and what they mean

The different phases of the moon serve as reminders for different aspects of active and receiving energies. As the moon is waxing we engage in more extroverted and outgoing activities whilst when the moon iswaning we may partake in more introverted and restorative pursuits. One thing remains, like the seasons, there is a moment in the lunar cycle that serves a purpose, a reason. While we may find that we are more tired at a new moon when the energy is at it’s lowest, we can utilise the full moon energy when we need a boost of energetic momentum to see our intentions through to manifestation. When you become acquainted with the lunar phases you can work with them in harmony, push yourself when the moon is waxing and retreat without resistance when the moon is waning.

Below describes each phase of the lunar cycle and what they represent

New Moon – It’s time to start fresh and create new intentions. New moons are a time of new beginning offering a time to wipe the slate clean in our lives and spaces. There are no limits on the possibilities while planting seeds of intentions.

Waxing Crescent – A burst of energy as we see the first slither of the moon in the sky, intentions now conceptualise. A time for planning and focusing on the details so that our intentions may come to be over the coming cycle.

First Quarter – Momentum is underway as the moon makes its way to fullness. The energy is climbing and although it can present challenges in plans, it can create roots and foundations for intentions. This is a time to take action towards goals and intentions.

Waxing Gibbous – You have come so far, from planning to gestation. Take time to nurture your life and be patient as your intentions come to fruition.

Full Moon – The lunar energy is at its peak and it’s time to celebrate the blossoming of intentions, hopes and dreams. Counting your blessings, practising gratitude and expressing your joy is a key theme of the full moon.

Waning Gibbous – This is the harvest time of the lunar cycle, a time where we can receive our wishes and a time of abundance. During this time it is essential to give time to self-care. This is also a time for releasing what no longer fits in your life.

Last Quarter – A transitional time as we enter an introspective time which allows the breakdown of what doesn’t serve your life as you readjust your life to integrate all you have learnt in the lunar cycle. Practising forgiveness now is favoured.

Waning Crescent – Surrendering to the darkness that is to come and diving inwards allows us to rest and rejuvenate ready for the next lunar cycle. This is a great time for reflection and gaining insights through intuition, signs and visions.

Why work with the moon?

The moon is incredibly potent of creative energy so whether you desire to conceive a child or simply an idea you have into the world, the moon can help you manifest your wishes. Try asking at the new moon for something you intend to bring into your life, keep it simple to start with, then observe the moon and how it manifests throughout the lunar cycle. Of course, as with all magic, you have to do the work but the moon will help you along your journey. Don’t be disheartened if it doesn’t manifest in one lunar cycle, it may mean that there is more work to be done and you can carry your intentions through the next lunar cycle – but this is dependent on what you are asking the moon for and how big an ask it is.


Another way you can work with the moon is if you wish to let go and release something from your life. When the full moon is bright in the sky, it illuminates the soul to us and can let you know if there is a habit that needs to break or a situation in your life you need to let go of. It’s like an a-ha moment when the full moon is here and although it might seem like you are going crazy, you have really just been awakened to the truth. Performing rituals or casting spells for banishing can be powerful during the full moon and waning phase but also on a practical level this can simply mean decluttering the home during this time also.

With the moon, you can do as big or as little magic, but one thing remains, the mother moon will always be in the sky shining her the light.

Moon Journalling

If you are looking to develop your connection with the moon further I highly recommend journalling through the lunar phase. Start by journalling at new moon and taking note of how you feel, what you learned in the last lunar cycle, I there is anything you want to leave behind in the last lunar cycle and what you would like to invite into your life over the coming lunar cycle. Again, at the full moon take a moment to note down how your intentions are manifesting, how you feel in the moment and any insights you have gained while the moon is at it’s brightest.

Astrology has it’s part in the lunar cycle, but what does that mean?

Throughout the lunar cycle, the moon travels through the twelve signs of the zodiac. I like to look at it as if the signs give the moon a particular flavour. These influences can be present in our lives individually as well as externally. As you deepen your connection with the moon and the zodiac you’ll begin to notice the signs play out in your emotional landscape as well as in the world around you.

Noticing that you feel more emotional than normal could imply the moon is in a water sign and in particular the sign of Cancer. An example of seeing the signs play out in the world around you would be when the moon is in Leo the Sun is likely to make an appearance even if it is overcast, the sun will appear even just for a moment. The lion can’t resist being in the spotlight!

Astrology, whether you believe in it or not, has a part to play in our life. As the Earth will always be a part of our solar system and we share that with the moon and other planets. Coming from the school of thought that we are one with nature, with our environment, it seems logical to believe that the movements of our universe have an effect in our lives on earth just as the moon does.

How can you harness the power of the Moon?

Connecting with the moon is as simple as observing its presence in the sky and watching it move through its phases. Note down the lunar phase and how you feel can help you to connect with the lunar phase. Take notice of how others are feeling too as often we can collectively feel the lunar energy whether or not we are conscious of it. 

The Magical Week

In the past couple of months, I’ve been getting in tune with a shorter cycle that we can all relate to, the week. I’ve been looking into the origins of each day and it’s correlating energy to work with the days and use the energy for my highest good. So I’ve decided to share my findings with you so you can do the same because sharing is caring, right? – and perhaps you have the same questions like I do like why does each day have a particular flavour of energy, where did the names of the days come from and does it coincide with the energy of each day?

Connecting the origins of language with the skies.

I’ve been tuning into the days of the week and the energy each day holds. When I was younger I was always felt that Thursdays were good days because I was thinking about what I would do on the weekend with the enthusiasm of my inner maiden and the opportunities that would come whether expected or unexpected. The weekend symbolised time off of school or work and the freedom of those days felt free from routine and spontaneous. Then Tuesdays felt good for me, I was born on a Tuesday, and also I find that I’m my most motivated and energised on this day.


I then stumbled across the days and the planets associated with them. It opened up a can of worms for me and I’ve been obsessed ever since! Looking at the origins of the weekday names just blew my mind! With the 7 planets – seen with the naked eye and only planets known by ancient civilizations – and the 7 days, it should have been more obvious to me, but i am a slow learner! Although English days of the week derive from Anglo-Saxon and Norse language, with the knowledge of European languages I grasped the origins of the Roman names and there links with each planet.


This is by far the most obvious, it’s in the name. Sunday comes from the Sun – or ‘Sol’ in Roman – and represents the self. Sunday is a day of healing, nurturing and reconnecting with who you are, ready to start a new week. Self-care is high on the agenda as well as good food, reflection on who you are and where you wish to take yourself. Sunday is about doing something fun, connecting with those you hold dear and living in the present moment. Keep an eye on the future but don’t forget to be in the here and now. Meditation and activity are favoured on this day, as well as anything else that is good for the self like a ritual bath. This is the best day to be Sunday so let your creative juices flow!


Ever get that sluggish feeling on a Monday? Or when you are so happy on a Monday that it set’s the tone for the rest of the week? Monday derives from Luna in Roman, in other words, it’s ‘moon day’. The moon symbolises the emotional nature of our being. What we need to feel emotionally secure and how we react to situations on an emotional level. This isn’t the day for action, this is a day for contemplation and reflection to make space to process our emotions. Monday is a time we can reconnect with our inner child, what does our inner-child need right now? Nourishing food and gentle activity perhaps? Raising your vibration starts with checking in with your emotions so you can go forward rooted in your sense of self, warts and all.


If you need a day to spark that burst of activity, this would be it. Tuesday is linked to the planet, Mars, which is the planet of energy and action. The French word for Tuesday is ‘Mardi’ which is derived from Mars in Roman. Tuesday asks us what action can we take towards our goals and intentions and is a favoured day for starting anything new. Just remember to do one task at a time, keep focus and try to avoid any compulsive action or decisions. On Tuesday’s our compulsive desires can be illuminated as we are aware of bad habits like spending too much time on social media, eating when not hungry or making unconscious purchase that dents the bank accounts leaving too little left to live off of.


The perfect day to tackle the e-mails and make communication high on your agenda! Wednesday, known as Woden in Anglo-Saxon and Norse language, is ruled by Mercury (note, in French Wednesday, is ‘Mercredi’). Mercury governs communication and the thought process. The perfect day to focus on the details of your life, make new connections and utilise your brain power to think up new ideas or solutions! They say it’s not what you know, it’s who you know and Wednesday is the perfect time to get out there and meet like-minded souls that will spend endless hours putting the world to rights and leave each other feeling inspired in their pursuits.


This day is associated with the god, Thor in Norse mythology. Thor’s day derives from Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, expansion, and abundance which can only mean this day is a good day to prosper! If your unsure of your own abundance just take a look around you and note what you manifested into your reality. Thursdays are also great days to give your next venture some thought; what goals can you create that will help your quest for expansion? Be thankful for what you have created, for you are a powerful magic maker! knowing and believing in yourself and all you have gratitude for will only raise your vibration higher and invite more of the good you already have in your life!


Known as Freya’s day in Anglo-Saxon, Friday, is ruled by Venus the planet of pleasure and harmony. Hands up if you slack at work on a Friday? This is the day to bask in that Friday feeling! It is a day to take notice of how beautiful the world looks today! Friday’s are also nurturing your relationships making this a great day for catching up with a friend or have a date with your partner or potential lover. Thinking about how you can create more harmony in your life is the theme of today. What do you want more of to feel at peace with yourself and your environment? The focus right now is about being, not so much about taking action. Allow yourself to flow through the present moment on Friday.


In ancient times Saturday was called ‘Saturn’ in both Roman, Anglo-Saxon and Norse language so no wonder this day is ruled by Saturn, the planet that rules structure and planning. This may feel a little restrictive for the weekend but Saturn is the teacher that shows us through the lessons we learn we will gain rewards for our efforts, it is the touch love teacher. Saturday is perfect for getting chores done and running errands as it’s the day for organising your life, the ideal life admin day! Also, a good day to work and get things done to get your hands stuck in on a project, task or anything that involves you being hands-on in some way.

Harnessing to the power of the week can help to gain an understanding of our own energy throughout the week and utilize it to carry out weekly tasks that work with the energy of the weekday. Just like we harness the wheel or the year and the lunar cycle to flow with the natural cycles of life, something we take for granted like the week can help us glide through the week like the gods and goddesses we are!

A brief guide to your birth chart

Often when I bring up the subject of astrology and the zodiac signs I am told that astrology is a generalisation of a massive group of people who happen to be born in the same month. I get it, it seems illogical that astrology can make sense when you look at it with a glance, so what if I told you that you are so much more than just your zodiac sign?


When you were born the planets aligned in the sky in zodiac signs which creates what is know as your Natal or Birth Chart. So, in essence, you could have a mixture of different signs in your chart as a pose to being just one sign which in essence builds a picture of personality traits and characteristics that are varied and complex. Of course, when talking about personalities there are other factors to consider for instance upbringing and how things you experience in life alter the way you approach life. Each planet represents a different aspect of your personality. When I’m looking at this I tend to visualise our solar system, where the Sun is in the middle and therefore our Sun sign or more commonly known as either your zodiac or star sign, represents the core personality traits of the sign it falls in for you.

The Planets and what they represent within the Natal Chart are divided into two sections, the inner planets and the outer planets. The inner planets consist of the Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus and Mercury. They represent aspects of your personality. The outer planets that have longer cycles around the sun affect the bigger cycles and trends our life, with Neptune, Uranus and Pluto orbiting the sun even longer which can spur a whole generation as a collective to implement shifts that are necessary for our societies to grow and evolve.

Sun – Commonly known as either your zodiac or star sign, the sun sign represents your core personality traits. Changes signs every month.

Moon – How you handle moods and emotions. Depending on what sign falls as your moon sign can indicate how you process thoughts and feelings. Changes signs every 2-3 days.

Mercury – How you communicate with others and how you think and process information in the mind. Changes signs every 3-4 weeks

Venus – Relationships, be it lovers or friendships, this planet gives insights into your dealings with others. Changes signs every 4-5 weeks.

Mars – How you act in the world, your drive and how you exert your energy to making an action towards your hopes and dreams. Changes signs every 6-7 weeks.

Jupiter – Representing how your deal with personal growth and acquire wisdom. Jupiter is also known as the planet of luck. wisdom. Changes every 12-13 months.

Saturn – Known for its tough love mentality and enforcing discipline and hard work to push through the boundaries of your fears. Changes every 2-3 years.

Uranus – How you and your generation create change in society and what originality you bring to you and your generation. Changes every 7 years.

Neptune – Signifying your dreams and healing this planet can indicate to you and your generation where you require healing as well as representing hopes and dreams. Changes every 10-12 years.

Pluto – Gives an idea of how you and your generation can use your power to transform yourself and your generation to create a new paradigm in society. Changes every 12-15 years.

Another important in your natal chart is your Ascendant also known as your Rising sign. This is the sign that holds traits that people perceive you to be. It gives you an insight as to how people view you at first impression.

This is just a basic guide as to how your birth chart can be used as an important tool for understanding yourself better as well as gaining insights into yours and your generation’s purpose. Astrology goes a lot deeper than this as there are houses and nodes to contend with which I will blog about in the future but in the meantime, I wanted to explain a bit more about how it works at a basic level because you are so much more than your star sign!

To find out what the signs are in each planet as well as your rising sign you need to know your birthday, the place you were born and if possible the time you were born.

Wheel of the Year: Guide to the Sabbat's

Everything in life revolves around cycles and the most observed and relatable of them is the cycles of Earth. The seasons enable us to allow time for all aspects of our lives if we choose to live with their energies. Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn; each season has its reason, it’s purpose.

‘Sabbat’ derives from the word ‘Sabbath’ means to rest.

The Sabbats are a series of festivals throughout the year that embodies each stage of Earth’s cycle around the Sun. Often referred to as the Wheel of the Year, there are eight sabbat’s throughout the year which honours a different aspect of the solar cycle. Sabbat’s commemorate the changing of the seasons, allowing for a time to honour, reflect and celebrate different points of the year. Below is a brief synopsis of each Sabbat and what energies they honour throughout the solar cycle.



More commonly known as the Winter Solstice, where the sun is at it’s lowest point in the sky creating the shortest day of the year.  Celebrated usually at the sunrise, people all over the world gather to watch the sunrise on a new dawn, a new solar cycle. Yule is a time for gratitude, spending time with loved ones and taking time to rest after all the effort that has been exerted during the year. It’s a time to take stock and feast upon the rewards of our work over the last year. It’s also a time to come out of hibernation, to celebrate all that life gives us individually and as a collective. This is a time to bring all that we have learned, the wisdom we have gained during a period of darkness ready to give birth to our intentions and name our wishes for the coming year. The Winter Solstice marks the start of the journey to longer days and a warmer climate.


At Imbolc, the seed’s break free and so do our dreams. At this time we will be anticipating new beginnings and awakening from the slumber of hibernation. The land is fertile and so are we. We have our wishes planted in the soil and now we begin to activate those intentions set on Yule.  A time of re-emergence after the cold and dark months, sparking a new fire in our souls. Imbolc is the perfect time for divination and journey work as the connection within the realms of our psyche are potent with magic. The energy of Imbolc can bring the guidance you need receive to make your move forward.



Ostara marks the Spring Equinox, a day of equal light and equal dark, of polar opposites and of balance. During Ostara, we can find a state of balance between our intuitive side and our rational mind, a sense of equilibrium needed to bring our plans into the physical realm. Themes of new life and fertility play out during Ostara as the hopes and dreams, planted at Yule which was then activated at Imbolc, start to show signs of springing into motion. It is also a time to celebrate the coming of the summer sun, warmer days and equal light and equal darkness as the darker days are now behind us.


The time of Beltane is all about fertility and potency of the force of manifestation. The veil between the physical realm and the spirit realm is at it’s thinnest making it easier to communicate with the world of the unseen. The energy of Spring is at its peak and we started to recognise that whatever we choose to put our energy into, whatever it is you want, it is within your reach. Everything is possible now. Beltane is the beginning of summer, a season of high energy and of our hopes and dreams coming to fruition. All our energies are moving outward now as we strive to make our wishes come true.


Litha, more commonly known as the Summer Solstice. The building energies of fertility and growth have reached its peak now. It’s a time to celebrate your achievements, all that you are manifesting and who you are as a person. At this time we are more expressive and our souls radiate expansion. Litha brings a sense of abundance with it, and with it comes an urge to celebrate. The Summer Solstice is celebrated by staying up all night and watching the sunrise; honouring the sun for shining down on us and giving us nurturing light that has helped us grow. Now we can honour all that has manifest and begin the journey to the darker months of the year.



The first of three harvest celebrations, traditionally Lammas would signify the harvesting of the grain which in modern day can mean that we see the first of our harvest that will last through the winter. At Lammas, the peak of Summer, we have exhausted all our energies in an outward and expansive manner. We give ourselves the opportunity to give thanks for all we have received in the most expressive state of our nature during the yearly cycle. As the energy begins to wane we start to take our journey within so we can refuel our energy reserves, reflect on what has come to be and deepen our knowledge of our being during the darkness that will come to be over the following months.


Mabon is the second harvest, and at this sacred time, the earth is in balance. In equal light and equal dark. Mabon is a celebration of the labour of harvest. All that has been sewn earlier in the year has come to be, and now is a time to reap what has been sewn. To feel the rewards of our efforts. Now is the time for reflection, gaining wisdom from the lessons we’ve learned from and the knowledge we’ve acquires on our journey on planet earth. It’s a great time to look back at what was hoped for, intentions and wishes made at Ostara earlier in the year. Take time to reflect on how they have manifested. Make time to relax, to bask in the glory of what you’ve achieved.



Samhain is this is the Witches New Year, which is also known as the festival of the dead, all hallows eve and more commonly known as Halloween. As with Beltane, the veil between this physical realm and the spiritual realm is at its thinnest making it easier to connect with spirits on the other side. This sabbath honours the beings of the unseen as well as those that have passed on. Samhain is also the third, and last harvest of the year. This is the most reflective of times of year as we process the annual cycle and all that has come to be. As we reflect in the stillness we learn what we would do again and what we wouldn’t so that we can move forward with a fresh perspective.  This is where we rest after the efforts of our years work in the many senses. Samhain is the sabbat of Death, and with Death of the old, we are able to release what no longer serves us. With death comes rebirth. We will have many ideas about what we want to create in our next annual cycle at this point but this time of year is about stillness. Stillness to reconnect with our inner worlds. This is essential to know what our true hearts desire so we can manifest our next years’ wishes and intentions.

What is an urban witch?

Some of us know it, others are in the process of remembering it, many wouldn’t identify as it. Conscious or not, awake or sleeping; the witches are rising.

It can be very easy to get caught up in what I call the ‘faff’ of what being a witch entails. I’ll be the first to admit, when I first started looking at books about witchcraft I couldn’t understand why I needed a pinch of this, or a particular colour candle for that, just to carry out a spell. It didn’t sit with me that I needed x y and z to perform magic.

So I started simple. I started talking to the moon. I observed its cycles and became familiar with the feminine energy it brings. I started to refer to her as Mother Moon. I spoke to her of my hopes and my dreams and I asked her to make them come true. When they did, I would speak of my gratitude.

I found the moon in suburbia.

Who says that magic can’t be found in the strangest of places? I certainly didn’t think I would find it in my childhood home in a housing estate where everything looks the same and the energy feels dead. Except it wasn’t. The magic of the moon was present. It is present wherever you are in the world. Even in the seemingly least magical places. I later found out that a 400-year-old oak tree was cut down to build the housing development I lived on which confirmed the “deadness” I feel about the place. The faeries were pissed, and frankly so was I but that’s another story for another day.


I am an Urban Witch.

What does that mean? It means that I practise my craft in the urban environment. From living in suburbia I moved to the city where I lived for ten years. In that time I have buried my intentions during the winter months in the earth between footpaths and train tracks. During the warmer months, i have found a way to release what no longer serves me in a concrete garden in the middle of the city using just a candle. I have spoken my wishes loud and proud with my sisters while in a shared house with 7 other people. I have danced under the moon in on the pavement of body roads and I cast circles in the smallest of flats while leaving water in a jar on the window sill soaking up the full moon energies. In essence, magic can be practised anywhere, at any time.

Don’t get me wrong nature is a blessing, and as much as I’ve worked in the city I’ve worked in nature. Some of the most profound ceremonies and healings I have experienced have been in rural parts of England, on rugged coastlines under the magical moon and colourful skies. I will never forget those moments but I never stop seeking ways to find nature whilst living in the physical realm of the city where I live.

So are the witches. We are making magic everywhere and anywhere. If you live in a built-up city, don’t think you are the only one because you most certainly aren’t. Alone we make magic. Collectively we are rising.

Practise your craft.

Be Authentic.

Give thanks to the goddess.


What is a witch?

Being a witch can mean many things and one thing to different people.  I’ve put together what I think being a witch entails, to hopefully clear up any misunderstandings for those who are sitting on the fence between shying away from the term Witch and those who need a little push to stand in their own Witchy self.


Its easy to get caught up in the rules and regulations, the initiations and the pre-requisites of what makes you a witch, especially when we live in a patriarchal society where the masculine energy overthrows the feminine. Where logic, textbooks, laws and protocol take precedence its hard to let go, to go with the flow. For me, being a witch is about living and breathing in the feminine flow. Of course, men can do this too. Being a Witch doesn’t mean you have to be a woman. As much as we are led to believe patriarchy doesn’t serve men either. We’ve all been raised in a patriarchal society, it’s ingrained in our psyche to rely on books of the word of truth, to be able to tick boxes to put our selves into a box, into a genre. So I want to be clear, although this article is what I believe being a witch entails, if your a witch and none of these apply, that’s fine too. Being a witch open to interpretation, but for me, there are three main principles of being a Witch.

Communion with the Divine

We are magic makers, powerful manifestor’s, creators of life and our destinies. Most of us really don’t know how powerful we are but as a witch, you have a deep knowing inside you that you are capable of great things. Being conscious that the divine lives in both us and everything around us, is powerful. Be it a particular God or Goddess you are drawn to, or the fae folk or other spirit beings that call to you. Feeling the presence of something that is divine other than yourself, that you can commune with, can work with, that helps you understand the ethereal realm. I often talk to the moon because I feel that the moon understands my pace, my desire to create something and bring it to the physical every month. I have worked with different deities and spirit beings in the past and some have stuck with me and others have not. I’m sure as I go through life more will come across my path to teach me what I need at the moment or for a time or perhaps some will stay with me a lifetime. It’s an incredibly personal thing but simply knowing and being aware of the divine, even at its basic level of ‘Spirit’, ‘Universe’ or whatever you choose to name it, makes you a witch. You work with the divine as a co-creator, yet you acknowledge the divine in yourself.

Being in tune with the cycles

Be it the moon, the sun, the seasons, the menstruation cycles, for the women there is the maiden-mother-enchantress-crone cycle or for men the child-warrior-king-sage cycle. Whatever the cycle is, being in tune with them makes you a witch. Witnessing them, noticing them come and allowing them. It can be as lighthearted as watching the seasons changing from warm sunshine to the falling of the leaves and feeling that energy as we move into Autumn. It can be as deep as feeling the shapeshifting effect as a women’s bleed stops, she is initiated into the next step of her life as a Crone and all the changes on a physical, mental and spiritual level. We can use the cycles of the moon by harnessing its magic to bring what we desire into our lives, this also applies to the seasons. Typically the winter is where ideas start to come about, we work underground while the trees are dead to get ready to bring new life, to sew the seeds of our intentions, our wishes, in the Spring. In Springtime we can begin to feel these intentions begin to step into motion reaching full speed in Summer where our actions bring fruition to our goals we bring into the physical realm what we dream of. As Summer ends we take a look back to reflect on our work, what we’ve achieved, what we’ve learned and prepare for the Harvest in Autumn. We reap what we sew. We have achieved what we set out to do. We put in the hard work all year, we worked with the arts cycles and now we prepare for the celebration, rest and rejuvenation before starting the wheel of the year all over again with new hopes and dreams and a wiser heart.

Be kind, but don’t take any shit

There are many who associate witches with evil, with dark magic, with Satan. While this may be true for some witches, this isn’t true for all witches. Kindness and compassion for all living things make a witch. Respect for others, in both the physical and spiritual realm, is a necessity. When you are dealing with your soul, your healing, there is nowhere for you to hide. Your shadow side will be present and it will be known. Being a witch is being your authentic self, however, you are can depend on the day. You can be happy or sad, but as long as you don’t dim your shine for anyone or allow your soul to feel the sadness it needs to transcend whatever is causing you pain, you will be living in your power, you will be living as a witch. When you live as your true, wholesome self, you will find people won’t like that because it brings up something in them that they might not like nor want to face in themselves. They will start to hate you, cause you grief and make you question yourself. Don’t let them. That doesn’t mean you go home and create spells against them, it also doesn’t mean you wish them harm, it simply means you take an action whether it’s walking away or putting them in their place. Put your boundaries in place. Don’t take any shit.