Urban Witchery


Katie is the witch behind Urban Witchery. She is an Astrologer and coach for the magically inclined as well as the architect behind the Urban Witchery planner; the essential tool for the modern witch. An urban witch is the name given to witches who live in an urban environment and use modern practices of Witchcraft. Be it in a high-rise flat that towers over the city, in a suburban cul-de-sac, in a quiet town or a manor house; Magick is being made all around us, by Magick makers of all walks of life.

I’VE BEEN PRACTISING MAGIC FOR OVER TEN YEARS and in that time I’ve undergone a series of transformations, each of which bringing me home to my soul. Through practise, healing and working with the moon i’ve found my magic and now it’s my time to help others find theirs.

I’ve called myself a WITCH EVER SINCE I REMEMBERED I WAS ONE and that in itself has been a wild journey. I don’t put myself into a specific genre of witchcraft and therefore don’t brand myself a ‘type’ witch but I am particularly drawn to astrology, tree’s and the cycles of the moon.


I grew up in a suburban area of Bristol, England, and it was there where I realised MAGIC EXISTS IN THE MOST UNLIKELY OF PLACES. I never believed there was magic in suburbia, but yet I found that the tree’s spoke to me and there were many a faery playground, I just had to open my eyes to see it. 

It’s hard to feel like life is magical these days, but it doesn’t have to be like this. Through connection to our environment we can find reasons to be in awe and LIVE A MAGICAL LIFE. The Urban Witchery planner was created out of a need to track the moon’s journey alongside mine, and even more - to manifest with the moon.


Our lives are routinely detailed and planned out that I felt something was missing which is why I created THE ESSENTIAL TOOL FOR THE MODERN WITCH that allows the integration of the mundane aspects of life to integrate with living a magical life.

Life was made for living and I don’t believe n living a mediocre existence. Having been practising Astrology for over a decade and in 2018 completed a year long course with the Bristol & Bath Astrologers. CONSULTING THE COSMOS can illuminate our souls and our purpose and is a great tool for developing our journey on Earth. 

To REFUEL MY SOUL from living it’s purpose you can find me spending time in nature, making memories with my young wizard, being creative through drawing or writing, moving my body or curled up on the sofa in blankets reading the stories of times gone by and philosophises of the new paradigm we’re living in.

You can find more details of the Urban Witchery planner here as well as the ways you can make magic with me here.